Black Belts America

Leading the Way.

About Black Belts America

The Vision

Empowering and arming our black belts so they can have the courage, passion and purpose to do anything in life. More so, to have the courage to be able to make a difference and change in their world.

The Need

Our industry is not growing by leaps and bounds. Many of our young Black Belts quit upon reaching the Black Belt level. The mindset that we are a Black Belt school is not enough to give clear direction beyond black belt training.

For the mature school, many of us has been thinking about, talking about it, and searching for a solution. We need a movement that will change the course of our industry and increase retention in all the schools. 

The Answer

The answer is the Junior Black Belts of America Program. This program develops an individual far beyond physical technique and takes them into the real world, off leadership, and life success training.

The Junior Black Belts of America is a national program where certified schools come together for one purpose that is higher education through the martial arts for their black belt students.

Special events, camps, training courses, and certification programs are conducted annually across the United States. Students are given a well-defined leadership and life success curriculum, which they can complete and earn credit through the Junior Black Belts of America Martial Arts Organization.

For the young individuals, this curriculum, not only helps them in improving their personal life and leadership skills, but also becomes an aid in helping them get greater recognition in high school and college acceptance. The Junior Black Belts of America Program is the solution for today’s professional martial arts school.